Song of the Week: I Need a Dollar

Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar

Twenty-Ten is looking  like a good year on the Neo-Soul front.  Sade has graced us with a comeback, both Vivian Green, and Musiq due new albums before the year is out too.

However, I know it’s only April, however Aloe Blacc has potentially laid the trump card and set the benchmark for everyone to aspire to.  This song is nuts!  It has a classic soul sound with nu-school sentiments; the brass on chorus is beautiful and the breakdown at the end adds a whole new flavour to the record.  The content is also on point being particularly pertinent for the times we live in at the moment.

Play is song once… play it again… tell someone about it… then play it some more.

Awesome… now why can’t I hear records like this when I turn the radio on in the morning?

Soulside Funk



for an encore try…

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