Song of the Week: Johnny Too Beef

Mos Def: Johnny Too Beef

This song takes some of Mos Def’s finest (on the never released “Beef”) and mashes it up with Johnny Too Bad by The Slickers.  What you get is a gritty record where the political content of Mos Def’s lyrics a fused with The Slicker’s raw and unkempt seventies reggae.

The song is taken from Mos Dub, a mash-up album by Max Tannone, which can be downloaded from his website –  It is well worth a listen as he takes some of the best Mos Def (incl.  Black Star) records and mixes them with classic reggae (his album Jaydiohead is also worth checking out – mixes Radiohead with Jay-Z).  Simple, yet very very effective, another of those sure fire Summer evening albums.

Soulside Funk


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