Upcoming concert / gig alert: Natty at Bush Hall, June 4th 2010

Haven’t posted any gig alerts for a while.  With summer closing in there will be some serious sets and this one should definitely start things the right way.

I first caught Natty live a few years ago at Lovebox and his set just imprinted on my mind.  It was energetic and lively, perfect start to what went on to be a very memorable day in Victoria Park.

His music is reggae, but not your sweet lovers reggae, nor is it your rugged rockers reggae – it sits somewhere in between; I call it Urban reggae.  Not urban as a euphemism for p*ss poor pop music disguised as R&B or Rap ‘urban’ but Urban in the true sense of the word, it reminds me of the city in both its splendour and despair; its gritty, raw and unkempt.  Reminds of walking round London wondering how one man can be living in poverty with nothing, the next man rolling in riches and only living two streets apart… it’s conscious without be self-righteous (listen to Cold Town, or Burn This Place Down and you’ll get what I mean).

Anyways, should be an awesome show.  Bush Hall, June 4th and tickets are only £10 (+ usual highway robbery in fees etc.).

Soulside Funk


for an encore try…

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