Song of last week: Keep Me Holding On

Natalie Williams: Keep Me Holding On

Finally been freed from the chains of ‘The Man’ (for couple days at least) so will catch-up on some posts.  First up, the song of last week, Natalie Williams’ new song, Keep Me Holding On.

The UK soul goddess returns after what has seemed like forever and a day since her last solo album with a track that is noticeably bolder and a bit more ‘R&B Pop’ than her usual neo-soul funk sound.

Keep Me Holding On is a bit of a grower and if I’m honest its not vintage Natalie Williams… what it does though is provide a much needed break from mainstream R&B’s obsession with the synth and signal Natalie’s album is a little closer to release… and that my friends is definitely a very good thing indeed!

Soulside Funk



…for an encore try

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