Gig Preview: Erykah Badu at Brixton Academy, 24.07.2010

Erykah Badu, fresh from being fined for prancing around naked in Washington plays Brixton Academy this summer.

Tickets are a pretty steep £36, however I saw her a few years back at Somerset House and can say without a doubt, if you invest (yes that is an investment) it will be one of the best shows you see all year.  She has a keen ear for talent too and it was at her show I first encountered a fresh faced Mr. Hudson and the Library playing warm-up for her so who knows what future superstar (ok, that was extreme) she will unearth to get the show started.

Erykah is one  of the founders of the neo-soul movement and her live show reflects all you would expect from someone of that stature, and when she started reeling off the hip-hop classics with her band it made my summer.  Her excentricity really does capture the imagination at times and that look of slight insanity when she catches you eye…

It will be a great show, of that I have no doubt… though let’s just hope she manages to keep on all her clothes!

Soulside Funk


for an encore try…

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