Gig News: Rox… and Ed Sheeran on June 17th

Any regular to this blog will know what two of my favourite artists at the moment are Rox and Ed Sheeran.  So imagine my surprise and horror when I find out they are both playing important gigs on the same night in different parts of London Town!!!!  This is a serious clash!

Rox, is playing her quasi-album release show at Scala, Kings Cross.  She has recently been touring in the run up to releasing her debut album, Memoirs, due June 7th.  Her shows are always full of great energy and fantastic music and if the release of the album 10 days prior goes well there should be a fairly magical vibe in the place.  I remember Mini Viva putting on the show of their lives a week after they hit no. 8 in the charts and I am sure the Rox show will be just as special if it all goes well the week before.  Tickets are £9 (+fees) which is a bargain for Rox in my opinion.

The Ed Sheeran gig is also big news because it will be marking a rather significant first.  Ed has been going from strength to strength recently, his time in America and recording with Sway (amongst others) really cementing this.

Not too long ago Ed found some musicians to start a band (his show is usually one man and a loop machine) and June 17th will be his first show with band accompaniment – so very special indeed.  It will be taking place at The Rhythm Factory, Shoreditch and tickets are a fiver (more details found on flyer here).

Which ever show you choose you will be guaranteed a fantastic evening of music… now to make the choice, anyone got a 50p piece I can toss?

Next time, they should really talk to each other or play the same show!!!

Soulside Funk

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