Songs of the Week: Understanding & A Town Called Obsolete

Terri Walker – Understanding

So this weeks decision was a little too hard so we have two songs of the week… the first we have to thank Soul Culture who were blessed enough to put their hands on the new single from Terri Walker, Understanding, and upload it for us all to enjoy.

I was recently listening to her debut album Untitled thinking it’d be nice to get some new music from her so this is like dreams answered… well not exactly… it definitely has a different sound trapped somewhere between hip- hop and R&B/Pop.

Main thing though is if means she will be giggin soon (update on that soon). I remember about 7 years ago I saw her play Leicester SU (which is now The Academy) to an audience of no more than 20 people, and she put on a great show, so seeing her play out again will be a real treat and lets hope she remembers how to sing those classics!



Andreya Triana – A Town Called Obsolete

Song two is the second single from Andreya Triana’s forthcoming album and this kicks off where Lost Where I Belong left off with a serious piece of chilled souland gritty soul with a heavy hip-hop vibe.

The more I hear from Andreya and the longer she jollies around Europe the more I bemoan turning up late to her Jan gig to see her say, “thank you” then jump off stage, making a tricky second date even tougher as I tried to hide my obvious annoyance at her ‘punctuality!’ (Still Krystle Warren saved the day!!!).  Will she play a show in London Town soon??? Who knows?? Just another great single girl accompanied by a great video!



Lets hope the radio supports both of these tunes!

Soulside Funk


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