Gig review (no pictures): Krystle Warren at Meltdown Festival, Purcell Rooms (14/06/2010)

Due to the rather draconian rules at the Purcell Room in the Queen Elizabeth Hall not allowing photography I wasn’t going to post anything but after a show that good I had to say a few words.

It had the feel of something special from start to finish, it was beautiful, heart breaking and captivating.  Krsytle kept on saying how nervous she was, it didn’t show in her music though which was blessed… the special guests were masterfully selected (highlight being Teddy Thompson and Ms. Warren singing King of the Road together) but never  once did they come close to out-shining the lady of the moment.

The nervous jokes added personality and the seemingly random and disorganized set added charm. I never knew one lady, a guitar, a voice like crumpled cotton (and a few guests) could create such a show.

I thinik this may have been on of those rare moments when everything just came together; that mixture of nerves for a big show and adrenaline bringing out the best collided to make one of those shows she’ll never repeat and always aspire to.  I could have watched her all night…

Gig of the year so far and it’ll take a lot of beating!

Soulside Funk

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