Gig News: Izzi Dunn at the Jazz Café in August

Although it’s slap bang in the middle of summer holiday period, however this one is worth a little note on the Calendar.  Izzi Dunn, an underplayed and therefore new(ish – depending on who you ask) UK soul singer.

The lead single from her latest album, Tits and Ass, did not do much for me at first and it was not until one evening walking home that the strings hit me and I was instantly intrigued.  A little searching online and I found her debut album (released way back in 2004), The Big Picture, which had more than a few treats on it (Storyteller, Fly on the Wall and Underwater are well worth a download from her website).

Her history as a cellist really makes for interesting music (as all the above songs demonstrate), and the arrangements are worth a listen on thier own at times, adding something different to the usual UK soul offering.  Therefore seeing her live, and seeing how she uses strings in her show make the £10 entry fee (plus usual fees) more than worth it.

The show, in support of her new album (released later this year) is on Saturday August 20th at Jazz Café and tickets can be bought via Seetickets – here

Should be an interesting one.

Soulside Funk

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