Gig News: Free gigs at St. Pancras station in London in July

This one I am late on… very late, however better late than never and there’s still a month worth of free gigs left to go!

In (June and) July they are having small gigs/acoustic sessions in St. Pancras station during rush hour as people head away on their travels.  Some really good artists are passing with the pick of bunch i’ve missed being Ed Sheeran and Diane Birch

…however the good news is there are plenty more to come!  The remaining highlights in my opinion are;

  • Lulu and the LampshadesJuly 22nd (6pm)
  • Natalie WilliamsJuly 29th (6:30pm)

For more information and all the lovely “freeness” check out the website –

Soulside Funk


Video of Ed’s session below

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