Gig News: Best in UK Hip-Hop playing HMV Forum in August

Interesting hip hop gig coming up… interesting because the headliners (Dead Prez) are not the main attraction.  The main attraction is definitely the UK acts on display.

Sway, Akala and Skinnyman are prime examples of how the UK scene can be just as good as the US hip-hop scene.  Sway especially has been head and shoulders above a lot of people in the game (both sides of the shores) for an eternity now.

Details are, August 30th (Bank Holiday baby) at HMV Forum, Kentish Town.  Tickets are £25.75 (incl. fees) for standing.

I caught Dead Prez last year and while good they really p*ssed me off with their gun talk.  Let’s hope they leave that non-sense at home and just bring good vibes.

Doesn’t really matter because of the talent on display, I fully expect this to be a night where the warm-up acts (all three) to outshine the headliners.

Soulside Funk

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