Song of the Week: Garvey Gets By

DJ Max Tannone & Talib Kweli – Garvey Gets By

I went crazy for DJ Max Tannone’s mash-up of Mos Def records with classic dub… now as autumn rears its ugly head after a non-existent summer he’s back, this time to mash-up Talib Kweli.

The result is just as good as the first and he creates an essential mixtape (which can be downloaded from his website here).

The pick of the bunch is Garvey Gets By, which see’s Mr. Tannone remix Talib’s classic Get By. A great great great record that has been on serious rotation for the last few weeks (been a bit too busy to post it up though, lol).

Enjoy and spread some good music round the interweb!

Soulside Funk


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