Song of the week: Random Impulse – Runaway Refix

This is not exactly a song of the week.  It’s more a tip off to a mini-movement.

Random Impulse is a rapper/MC  who also happens to play guitar.  Every Sunday he ‘refixes’ a popular track  – building it from scratch and then adds a freestyle over the top.  A very simple recipe which is very filling.

This week he refixes Devlin’s Runaway.  What I like about Random Impulse’s covers is the way he adds colour, tweaking it and using his guitar to the max.  This turns Runaway from a fairly lightweight instrumental in to a bit of a beast (and I prefer it to the original).

Long live Impulse Sundays… by the way, go to for the previous covers (and new ones when they’re posted)

Soulside Funk

P.s. random point… am I the only one who thinks Devlin and Professor Green are the same person?

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