Gig News: En Vogue back in UK for London concert

A little late notice I know, however thought I should still let everyone know En Vogue are coming to London for the first time in nearly two decades… and guess what??  They have not aged a bit!

Seriously, when I saw the flyer I was shocked.  I thought there was a new group or some tribute act ripping of their music.  Dawn, Maxine, Cindy and Terry should move in to beauty therapy when they decide to stop singing because they could make some serious money.  Want to know the secret to age defying skin and staying young forever… just ask En Vogue!

The gig takes place at the IndigO2, on October 21st.  The damage for standing is £32.75 (incl. fees but excl. the £2.25 it costs for Ticketmaster to send an e-mail!).  If they play all their hits and it sounds good; worth it.  If they miss one song, forget lines or we discover the flyer was seriously photoshop’d… well then it becomes a bit of a jack move! Decision is yours…  Tickets available here via ticketmaster

It is one day after Cameron’s Cuts so you’ll probably need a reason to cheer yourself up!

Soulside Funk


…for an encore try

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