Song of the Week: Sunshine Anderson – Lie To Kick It

Just last week, while listening to Lunch or Dinner, I was wondering what on earth happened to Sunshine Anderson.  I was reminiscing on the good, grown R&B she was putting out a few years back wondered where on earth she went… then Sunday afternoon I stumbled across this, a brand new song from the lady in question.

Lie To Kick It is the kind of song the new generation of R&B singers have somehow forgotten to write; slow an heartfelt.  This is not a song designed for ‘the clubs.’  This is honest R&B, Sunshine pouring her soul out over a lying lover.

The album is due out later this year.  Should be a welcome respite from the non-sense R&B dominating the charts at the moment.

Soulside Funk


for an encore try…

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