Gig News: Melanie Fiona back in London in December

Thursday 14th October… about an hour ago;

12:47pm – In advance of the “Cameron’s Cuts” I decide not to buy anymore gig tickets until the new year

12:58pm – I find out Melanie Fiona is coming back to London in December

12:59pm – I start reviewing the decision I made 10 minutes before

Seriously – it was uncanny.  One minute I commit to cutting back on the gig going, the next one of the best performers I saw this year comes back to play in a great venue!

Even though I cannot go, I thought I should still let everyone else know because Melanie Fiona is wonderful and puts on an equally wonderful live show.  She will be playing Scala, Kings Cross on December 6th and tickets are £20 (+ fees).  They officially go on sale tomorrow (October 15th), however Gigantic are selling them a day early here –

In many ways, her show at the Jazz Café was restricted by the small, cramped stage it has.  Given the bigger stage at Scala she should be fully unleashed and able to put on an even better show than earlier this year.  £20 (+ fees) is a bargain!

I am, and will continue to be very jealous of anyone who goes.

Soulside Funk


…for an encore try

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