Song of the Week: Leon Ware (feat. Minnie Riperton) – Comfort (Come Live With Me)

Recently (as I have not hidden on this blog) I have been listening to a lot of seventies soul music.  And because I was born in the eighties, this is all new music to me. It’s been fun discovering great music and learning stories about great music and artists.

One of the best stories is the one behind Leon Ware’s 1976 album, Musical Massage.  The story goes a little something like this.  Berry Gordy was in the studio listening Leon Ware’s album.  He liked what he heard… indeed he liked what he heard so much that he gave the entire album to Marvin Gaye.  Marvin released I Want You, in my opinion, his best album; Leon Ware had to record a whole new record which time slowly forgot about it.

After being told this story in the basement of a record store in Camden, I had to search out Musical Massage.  Luckily it had been re-released a couple of months earlier.

I chose this song for record of the week because despite not making the original release of Musical Massage, it did feature on I Want You (Come Live With Me Angel).  Both Marvin and Leon doing slightly different things with the same song.



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