Gig news: SWV and Faith Evans come to London for pre-Xmas show

There is something of an Old School revival going on.  In the last few weeks; Mary J.,Keith Sweat, Joe, En Vogue and Dru Hill have all rolled in to town and put on performances of vastly differing quality (from the reports I have heard of the ones I did not see).

The latest passengers to jump on to the revivalist train at SWV and Faith Evans.  They will be playing a joint show on Sunday December 5th at Indigo2.

For some reason, old school gigs seems to have old school, pre-recession prices attached and this one is another “investment” at £33 (+ fees) for standing (to sit down ya ass down is even more!).

The major risk with all throwback sessions is that the artists have a secret agenda of launching new music.  SWV have not released anything recently so they should provide a sing-a-long session (however rumour has it they’ve been working on material since the start of the year with a plan to drop an album this year).  Faith Evans however, released a new album in October…

…good thing is, after a listen today on Spotify its pretty decent.  I Still (below) is a real throwback to the good days of R&B, before auto-tune, rapper-singers and the same synth loop over, and over, and over, and over, and over.

Should be a good way to see out the year.  You better get your vocal chords in order because if En Vogue is anything to go by it’ll be a mass karaorke session; sing it with me now, “I’m so in to yoooou, I dooon’t know what to dooooooo”.

Soulside Funk


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