Song of the Week: True Tiger feat. P Money – Slang Like This

“This one’s a baaan-gaaarrr, release your annn-gaaarrr…”

OK, so this song may be pretty old news to many, especially after being championed by Zane Lowe (yes – that’s Grime on BBC Radio 1 Prime Time!)… still a tune is a tune and I hold my hands-up I slept on this one!  The tune is crazy blud, get me?

Seriously – the tune is banging and represents every single thing that is right with Grime / DubStep.  Head-nodding, aggression fuelled music with raspy baselines that feel like a super-powered hadouken to the mid-section.  Add to this the real sense of fun in the video and you have an irresistible record.  I swear, I listened to it at least 20 times today whilst wishing semi-evil thoughts to my bosses (just joking!).

Serious tune, that needs some serious attention… bro! (don’t think that’s slang any more though – yep, I’m officially no longer cool).

Soulside Funk


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