Donaeo, Kele Le Roc & Ed Sheeran playing acoustically on Friday

Ok, so extremely short notice on this one.

There is a little gig going on at Stratford Circus on Friday night (Nov. 19th) which should be pretty special.  As part of the London Jazz Festival, Donaeo, Kele Le Roc and Ed Sheeran will be playing an acoustic gig.  Ed plays acoustically on a regular basis, however hearing Donaeo and Kele Le Roc playing unplugged is a little bit special.

If they are not enough, they will be supported by The Boxettes (a female beat-boxing crew which includes the current female world champion – Bellatrix) and Speakers Corner Quartet.

Tickets are a bargain at £12 for non-members and available here.

Why, oh why, oh why, oh why did I agree to not buy gig tickets until 2011.  Anyone willing to donate a ticket or two, give me a squeeze or something is more than welcome too!!

If unlike me, you haven’t agreed to stop buying gig tickets to save money then this should be a pretty awesome show full of colour, and an opportunity to hear some great UK talent!

Soulside Funk

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