Song of the Week: Saigon – Strength

Every rapper out there will say, “I’m the most under-rated rapper in history”.  Reality is, the vast majority are not.  Saigon is completely different however, and deserves every single prop, positive article and acolade he scoops up.  Ever since he completely merked Mark Ronson’s Diduntdidunt way back in ’03, Saigon has been consistently hot.

Yet, despite three low profile albums, many a mixtape and feature, Saigon still remains a mystery to many.

On this track he hooks up with Just Blaze to deliver a stand-out piece of hip-hop.  The second half of the single “I’m Grrreat” is incredible.

His new album, The Greatest Story Never Told, due for release in Feb. next year, will be essential listening and lets hope it finally marks one of the “most under-rated rappers” on the map for the long-term because he definitely has a lot more talent than most of the hip-pop rappers on the radio at the moment.

Soulside Funk


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