Gig News: J. Cole plays Koko in January

In my humble opinion, over the last few years Hip-Hop has lost its way.  It has become far more obsessed with making money and club tracks than producing groundbreaking music.  Very few artists have caught my eye.  And even those that have went on to disappoint me as their fame levels grew.  Take Drake for example.  The Drake that spat one of the hottest verses ever (yes, I said ever) on Say What’s Real seems a mile away from the Drake singing about the “breast I ever had”.

I mentioned Drake because when he comes to the UK next January he will be touring with J. Cole, one of the few shinning lights in the genre at the moment on the verge of mainstream success.

On the evidence of his stellar mixtapes, and being signed to RocNation, J. Cole has the potential to be the next superstar, one who can take Hip-Hop and give it new energy and credibility.  Remember, it was when Talib took Kanye on tour that he evolved in to a great artist; hopefully Drake taking J. Cole on tour with him will have the same effect.

Another thing i love about J. Cole… there is no auto-tune, singing or David Guetta beats anywhere!

He will be playing his own show on Jan. 9th at KOKO, in London.  Tickets are £15 and available from ticketweb.  This is an opportunity to see one of the best new acts before he blows up!  Plus, he’s touring with Drake so who knows what surprises will be in store.

Soulside Funk


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