Song of the Week: Shy FX feat. Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor – Raver

Ok, so the Drum ‘n’ Bass purists may not like Shy FX.  I don’t care.  There is something very special about the way Shy FX constructs tunes.  The way he absorbs influnences then mixes them at 140+ BPM to create Drum ‘n’ Bass that is 210% pure infectious.

Upon hearing this I was having a major boogie round my room.  Fantasising about the raves I was too young to go to; Helter Skelter, Hysteria, Slammin’ Vinyl, Pure Silk…

I challenge anyone to hear this and not feel happy.  Kano’s lyrics are a dream and he rides the track like a classic old skool emcee.

Loving the video too.  Ladies and Gentlemen… we have a new anthem!

Soulside Funk


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