Keri Hilson, from good girl to vivacious vamp

Sex sells.  We all know this.  It’s nothing new and it pretty much helps the world to turn every day.  Want to sell something, create desire for something?  Make it sexy and it’ll fly off the shelves… lust.  So how much lust do you need?  Is there a point that too much sexy can damage something, make it less desirable?

Well I think we are about to find out as Keri Hilson travels motorway of debauchery.  For her latest video, the much admired R&B singer has decided to flaunt absolutely everything in the racy, steamy and lascivious video for The Way You Love Me.

For those that have not had the pleasure of viewing this (and for my continued joy) the video is below;


Now, I like a hot chick flaunting her t*ts and a**, seductively caressing the camera with her eyes, and teasing me in to a frenzy with her lips in a raunchy music video as much as the next man… but Keri???  Really???  So soon???

OK, so she told Perez Hilton, “sometimes I just want to be f**ked.”  Fair play to her for turning her carefully crafted, egdy, woman’s woman persona on its head.  It takes guts.  However, it also seems like a bit of a desperate shout for attention after her lead single Pretty Girl Rock, did very little to rock the boat and announce her new album.  Then again, what a way to “stimulate” sales?

The whole new sexy style has been building for a while. The dresses in her photoshoots getting shorter… the heels getting higher… the leggings getting tighter… her lips hanging more alluringly agape…  However, this is Keri Hilson.  This is the girl who turned the R&B genre on its head a little with her video to Turnin Me On which had the men posing about in next to nothing while all the women were enjoying the moment fully clothed; it was refreshing.  Who would have known a few months on and she’d be acting like a singing version of Nicki Minaj.

The response to her new raunchy styling has not been well received and it looks like the whole plan has backfired.  The lead singles have not had much airplay and it seems like her album (released today) is gonna be on course for poor 1st week sales.

I hope it works out for her.  It’d be a real shame to lose an artist as talented as Keri Hilson due to a moment of lunacy, her hormones getting the best of her and her just unleashing the “bad girl” in a fit of ecstasy which turned out to be a little (well a lot) too much from the girl next door for everyone else to handle.

Soulside Funk

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