Song of the Week: I’ll Kill Her by Cee-Lo Green feat. Me & Lonan the Destroyer

Songs sometimes pass you by.  You download a mixtape; never listen to it.  Get annoyed with people speaking about Cee-Lo as if he’s a new artist so zone out.  Well I did both and in doing so missed one of the year’s stand-out tracks which was hidden away on his Stray Bullets mixtape.

I’ll Kill Her is a woman’s lament to her wayward lover, and the cheating lover’s retort.  The girlfriend sounds suitably angry (and a little psychotic), and the music matches the relaxed intensity.

A great record.

Soulside Funk


Ps. A little research, and I discovered the the female vocal is sampled from I’ll Kill Her by SoKo.  Another great record… video below 🙂

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