Gig News: Conya Doss plays Spring show at Jazz Cafe

It’s always nice when an overseas artist you have admired for a while comes to London and plays at one of the best music venues in town.  Conya Doss coming to London just made my day.  The American Neo-Soul singer has been on the scene a while and released her 5th album (yes 5th), Blu Transition, last year.

Expect the usual soulful swagger and stage presence the American soul artistes have when performing.  That extra touch of confidence exude over our more reserved British soul singers makes for really exciting performances.

Conya can certainly make a tune even though she doesn’t have the strongest vocals in the world.  Her voice is soothing, the lyrics heartfelt… I’m feeling a little more loved just writing this.

The important info.; the gig takes place at  the Jazz Café, Camden on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th April.  Tickets cost a pretty steep £19.50 – however should be worth every penny (especially if she spends a little time to get the acoustic right).  Tickets available via Ticketmaster here.

See you there


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