Gig News: Mica Paris back at the Jazz Cafe later this month

Ooooo, just like buses; you wait for ages and… well you know the rest.  Mica Paris is playing the Jazz Café in February.  Mica quietly dropped the very strong, suitably acclaimed, yet disappointingly under-heard album Born Again in 2009.  I think this is the second time she will be touring the record and it will be well worth catching live because going by her track record she will disappear for another 10 years before releasing new music!

Born Again arguably has some of Mica’s best music on it.  It has a full, natural, mature soul sound.  Mica was a real pioneer during the fledgling stages of the UK soul scene, when a lot of the music was largely overproduced and lacked direction.  Back then she created some stonking hits, and despite leaving it almost a generation she can still make a good record now.

Hopefully the show will be an ode to Mica of old too.

The gig(s) take place on 25th/26th February and cost £17.50.  They are available via Jazz Cafe website – here.



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