Song of the Week: Need You by The Floacist

While Marsha releases her solo effort this week, little known to some, the other half of “the group formerly known as Floetry” has also been hard at work on solo music.

Towards the end of 2010, The Floacist released her solo album, Floetic Soul and it is simply an astonishing record which embodies pretty much every thing I love about neo-soul music.  The record, is tender and heartfelt, yet never boring or forced.  The Floacist seems to channel good vibes mystically in every word she wrote and every beat laid down.

The diversity of styles, The Floacist being adept at singing, spoken word, and even rap means the album is never boring – every song is something new and different.

Nothing embodies the freedom, the sensuality, the maturity of the record more so than Need You.  It is beautiful piece of music that yearns to be played more and more each time you hear it.



Ps. I could do nothing about the incredibly suspect video, lol – just listen and open a new window!

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