Song of the Week: Mateo feat. Goapele & Ab Live – Don’t Shoot Me Down

Big Tune.

This cover / bootleg version of Lil Wayne’s Don’t Shoot Me Down is every bit a stonker as the original yet so much more at the same time.

Is it Goapele’s slow, peircing, soulful wane on the chorus, playing a long side Mateo’s ad lib’s?  Is it the way Mateo super-smooth flow glides effortlessly over the dark, brooding beat?

I don’t really care, and it doesn’t really matter.  This ladies and gentlemen, is how to make re-make an already stonking record!

I really really really hope it gets a release of some sort.  Enjoy


Update: It will be featured on this upcoming mixtape, Love & Stadiums, due out on Wednesday.  Yay, it did get a release – of some sorts, lol

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