Song of the Week: Melanie Fiona – Gone and Never Coming Back

News of Melanie Fiona’s forthcoming album filled me with joy.  Her track with Stephen Marley had me salivating like a puppy and this, her first release from the album, has me doing cartwheels like a 12 year kid on Sunny D!

The song is definitely pop than her previous work as she laments about a forever disappearing lover.  The thing which continues to draw me to Melanie is her honest, open and realistic song-writing.  This is a woman who has felt things.   I love this lyric she screams during the bridge “Whoever said that he’ll get his / never felt like this!”; this is a woman strong yet fragile, and I love her for sharing these thoughts with us!

The music starts soft, subtle piano accompanied by warming strings, only for a few drum beats to start an explosion of powerful singing, drums, strings, piano ivories hammered to a pulp… then nothing.  And it starts all over again.

The video (and song) has a Rolling In the Deep feel to be fair (not surprising given Adele phenomenal recent success).

Really looking forward to the album, and even more so for her return to the UK!


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