A small victory over the ticket touts; Kylie tickets at reduced prices

I’ve had a really busy weekend so sorry for not alerting everyone to this sooner.

However, if you are quick, some real bargains can be had on Kylie tickets for her O2 Arena shows.  It seems like the ticket touts got this one wrong and demand for tickets has been lower than expected.  Over on eBay, Gumtree and the like some real bargains can be had (many cheaper than 2-4-1) as the ticket touts are trying to make some money back on her initial high ticket price.  Even the king tout (sorry “fan exchange”) websites like Seatwave and Viagogo were selling some fairly cheap towards the end of last week.

Given the timing you can only get tickets for Tuesday’s (12th April) show (or Monday (11th) if a seller is willing to meet you).   If buying remember to stay safe.  Check seller credentials and ask all the necessary questions.  Buying via eBay etc is usually safe (I’ve done it a few times) however you must be careful!

I see this as becoming more of a regular occurrence in the future.  The credit crunch/recession was already hitting people hard, and now with the added kick in the nuts of cuts to services etc. times are tough (unless you are a senior Director, banker or other wealthy type).  Things have to go, and shelling out on major concerts has always been a luxury for many.

I don’t forsee this happening for all shows, just ones which have long runs in one venue (like Kylie’s at the O2).  I will be keeping an eye for more mass ticket offloads from touts and post them up in the future.

As you might be able to tell I really dislike touts and “fans who like to buy loads of tickets for their ‘favourite artist’ knowing they have no intention of going and selling them on at hugely inflated prices when their friend which they never asked to attend drops out” – you know those massive die hard fans!  Concerts and gigs for “fans who actually like an artist” are real treats and it is immoral to take advantage in such a way.  If you genuinely cannot go, sell at face-value (+ any additional postage costs or booking fees you incurred).

Anyways, if you like Kylie – happy hunting!

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