Song of the Week: Slakah the Beatchild – Don’t Go

This one popped up on my Desire (my iPod is dead to me thanks to iSyncr and PlayerPro on Android) and I cannot believe it never made song of the week last year.

As part of the Men Love Mary tribute, Slakah the Beatchild produced a cover version of Mary J Blige’s Don’t Go which is arguably better than the original.  Slakah’s version is sparse, the strumming guitar softly in the background compliment his tonally high male voice.

It is an example of a perfect summer record.  Fitting as London Village enjoys what probably be the only significant amount of sun this year.

Ps. The album it is featured on, Men Love Mary, is well worth a listen.  Ten male soul singers covering classic Mary songs, Eric Roberson, Jessie Broykins III, and Darien all feature.  Available for free over on bandcamp – (Big shouts to Soulbounce for pulling it together).


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