Song of the Week: Ed Sheeran – The A Team (True Tiger Remix)

This is one of those matches that should not work.  Smoother than silk R&B/Folk of Ed Sheeran mixed with bass heavy, gritty DubStep from True Tiger.  However, like peanut butter and jam, the two compliment each other so well.

The slow tempo of the dub compliments Ed’s vocals which are chopped and thrown about all over the bass heavy and industrial sounds.  This is Dubstep, void of aggression and full of colour.

My only one complaint is it is far too short.  You just get in to it, the mix of sounds exploding in your headphones and then… “Angels to die… die… die…” the fade comes and your left checking your wireless router to make sure you internet connection didn’t just fail!  A great song, over way too soon.

This is one of those songs I thought could never been reworked/remixed.  The boys over a True Tiger have done a masterful job and once again I am proved wrong.

It gets it’s full release in June, so make sure you go out and support great British music


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