Gig News: Big Sean supporting Wiz Khalifa on European tour

Big Sean is an artist that has a lot of potential, however has still been waiting for his opportunity while others around him blow (or at least get a little love).  Big Sean was all over Mike Posner’s two mixtapes in 2009, only to be absent from the subsequent album (indeed he featured on the original mix of Cooler Than Me!).  He made it on to three of the G.O.O.D. Friday releases, however was forgotten on Kanye’s album (Pusha T seemed to pop up out of nowhere though!).  He has some serious talent, but does not seem to have the drive or get the breaks others do.

This show at Kentish Town Forum, on May 18th may be a good opportunity to see Big Sean.  I get the feeling this tour may be one of his last big chances.  That final opportunity to grab his piece of the spotlight before the cruel hip-hop world (so cruel in fact that it can push Wocka Flocka Flame forward whilst holding back talent like Big Sean) places him on the chopping board.

The £14 entrance fee should be well worth it… plus everyone loves a bit of “black and yellow, black and yellow”.  Don’t really need Wiz to perform much else really, just that track about 20 times and it’ll be a top night!

Tickets available from HMV Tickets – link


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