Gig News: Natalie Williams to play the Station Sessions

I realise the likelihood of me finding a time to do a proper write up about the Station Sessions is looking more and more unlikely.  There’s probably more chance of Arsenal buying Messi to be honest, so what i’ll do it keep posting up the highlights.

This one is a very special highlight, perhaps the highlight of the who festival.  Natalie Williams, for an entire album.  Natalie has long been the unheralded queen of London’s Neo-Soul movement.  Hosting her ever popular Soul Family nights and releasing consistently high quality albums.

She will play St. Pancras station on July 6th, from 6pm.  And yes, it is FREE!  I saw Natalie Williams perform last year and thought I owed her money because the tickets we cheap in comparions to the quality of show she put on.  So for this to be free, I will feel like I am committing a crime by simply appearing.

Definitely not to be missed.  Get there any way you can, you won’t be disappointed.


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