Song of the Week: Liam Bailey – It’s Not The Same

So, I kinda slept on Liam Bailey a bit.  Thought he would forever be blessing house vocals with great vocals then release below par solo effort as he found his “roots”.

How wrong I was.

His second single, It’s Not The Same, it very retro soul (a la Michael Kiwanuka – see last week’s song of the week – just like buses, wait for ages then…).  It is one of those songs that belongs on vinyl.  It begs to be played, last song, in an old timers rave with the guy in the corner singing every word as the few couples left dance with the lights on, surrounded by people stacking chairs… lost in their moment.

This is that kind of record, and UK soul blessing it is.  Think Beverley Knight might be including this one on Soul UK part 2!


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