30 Day Song Challenge Day #6 – A song that reminds me of somewhere

Jonell – Round and Round

Long, long, long, long, long day in the office… with more to do.  Still, today’s song challenge made me smile like a Chesire Cat because only one place and song sprung to mind…

It was first year at Uni and we decided to try and gatecrash the Nottingham Trent student night at The Works in Nottingham.  Fail.  We get there and they asked us for Nottingham Trent IDs. Fail.  The problem was, our driver managed to sneak in before the bouncers came to the door so we were stuck.  A cold, wet, Monday night in Nottingham with nothing to do.  Nowhere to go.

This song became the anthem of that night, “I really don’t know what you came here fore, round and around we go”.  Yep, we went around and around the streets of Nottingham that night until we found some little pub that started playing hip-hop because some black people walked in!




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