30 Day Song Challenge #9 – A song I can dance to

Salt n Pepa – Push It

Many would argue there is no song I can actually dance to given my two left feet.  My dancing usually consists of trying to be cool by head nodding like the Churchill dog on crack…  Then after a few (too many) Rum & Cokes I am known to try my best to emulate Strictly Come Dancing by twirling girls around and taking up way to much of the dancefloor.

Oh it gets worse… I generally will then start to do the Running Man, intertwined with Kid & Play Kick Step and uncontrolled ankle grabbing.  All of this before 9:30pm and generally to a soundtrack of Akon, Rihanna and The Bee Gees!

Look in the dictionary under “Fail” and me dancing is somewhere close by.  Still, I do like a good bum wiggle and Salt ‘n’ Pepa always brings out the best (and worst) in me!  I think I’m conditioned to this beat, I hear it and pretty much lose my mind… you’ve been warned



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