Songs of the Week: Emily King, Trumaine Lamar, Jazzy Jeff & Ayah, Jazzy and Ed Sheeran

More than a few great songs found there way to my ears this week (largely due to an extended play on  Bandcamp while recovering from Lovebox).  Instead of picking just one, and then forgetting to post the others in later weeks, thought i’d post them all at once.

Emily King – Ever After

It’s nice to see Emily back with her new EP Seven.  This my favourite track, fairly gritty mid-tempo song about believing in love.



Trumaine Lamar – Still

Remember this name.  His EP, Things I Should Have Told Her, whilst not perfect is some distance ahead of the majority of R&B/Neo-Soul I’ve heard this year.  Still is my favourite, however picking one was hard to do.  Trumaine definitely has the potential to be one of the underground soul heavyweights… unfortunate name though 🙂



Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Make It Last

Not many can take one of my favourite Marvin Gaye songs and make it their own.  This song is incredible!  I was cringing as I heard the beat, thinking “oh no they didn’t” and about to dash all my Jazzy Jeff CDs out the window.  Then Ayah started singing and this was the stand-out track on probably the best Neo-Soul release this year to date.



Jazzy – Dominatrix

Forgot Rihanna… this is one sexy record.  Not much more to say than that… actually, pretty much all the songs on Jazzy’s Beauty & The Beat mixtape are worth a listen.  It’s like a Nu-Skool slow jam master-class.  Another artist worth watching.



Ed Sheeran – Small Bump

Mr. Sheeran’s world domination continues, this time on a boat singing about a very powerful subject matter.  Pour some tea, grab a cupcake and take a real listen to this one.  What I like about Ed is that he still makes relevant music.  Even after being signed, Ed has still consistently put out music that both inspires and challenges.  This record being a perfect example… a heartbreaking story.



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