30 Day Song Challenge #24 – A song that you want to play at your funeral

Morgan’s Heritage – Down By The River

I need to make one thing clear.  I need to use this blog to send a message to anyone that knows me.  At my funeral, if anyone plays Puff Daddy I’ll Be Missing You, I will send down a lighting bolt to blow up the stereo playing it.  I’m serious, I will doing deals with the angels and it may start an apolocalypse.  Just don’t do it… save such c**p for your own funeral!

Anyways, now that is out of the way, a song I want played at my funeral.  Another toughie because I don’t like thinking about death to be honest.

I want my funeral to be a bit of a party.  Yeah, I want people crying yada yada, but that in between getting on down and drinking quality rum.

This is a mid-tempo one for pouring said rum in to the earth for.



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