Gig News: Eric Roberson returns to London in August and October

Ladies and Gentlemen.  This is the big one.  Eric Roberson will be back in London Town in August and October this year.

Over August Bank Holiday weekend (Sat 27th & Sun 28th) he will be hosting/headlining the Stevie Wonder tribute night at the Jazz Cafe.  On this night he will be supported by Omar, Janet Kay and Carroll Thompson.  Tickets are a very respectable £20 and available from HMV tickets (here).

The main even however is Thursday October 13th 2011.  Indigo2.  Eric Roberson will be performing his annual love letter to not only neo-soul, but to all live music.  His shows are consistently amazing, and with a new album, Mr Nice Guy, being released in a few weeks time, it is sure to be even more explosive than before.

Tickets are £25 (+ fees) and available from Ticketmaster (here).

What are you waiting for, book your tickets now.  I go into every Eric Roberson show expecting the sun, the moon and the stars.  Even with those stellar expectations Eric always manages to deliver whilst also throwing in Saturn, Venus, Nebulan 6 and the Starship Enterprise for good measure.  His freestyles are worth the entrance fee alone!

I haven’t seen anything about who is supporting him, however he has been touring extensively with Vivian Green in the US.  If he brings her along, this will be a gig made in heaven and blessed by the music Gods themselves!  I am actually overcome with joy and will have a bounce in my step for the next week… month… entire year because of this show!


Ps. Did I mention how excited I am about this one!?!?!?

One thought on “Gig News: Eric Roberson returns to London in August and October

  1. I’m going to my first Erro live performance on the 13th October, and i honestly cannot wait. Your article already has me setting high expectations for him, but i’m sure he’ll follow through!

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