30 Day Song Challenge #28 – a song that makes you feel guilty

Christina Milian – Into the Sunset

I have no idea about this one… I have never done anything I feel guilty about with a soundtrack attached.  I cannot think of any songs that make me feel guilty about something I have done in the past.  That’s not to say I have not done anything to be guilty of, it’s just say I have so far repressed them in to the darkest regions of my every whirring mind that not even music can bring them back!

So, just for the sake of it… here is some Christina Milian.  I kinda feel guilty because she is one of my favourite artists (although apparently it’s not cool)… and because I liked this song so much I was tempted to record it from youtube.  Couldn’t find a copy anywhere!!!! Whatever…  Great f**king tune though!

Milian, please, please, please, please release this – or pop it on the next album as a bonus track along with For Real (feat. Twista)!


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