30 Day Song Challange #29 – A song from your childhood

Crazy – Nani Wine

So I’m cheating here with two songs… This first one was played at every party, family get together, BBQ, christening, wedding, played whilst the house was being cleaned, played as you were bathed as an infant (don’t remember it but I am sure it happened).  I swear this addiction to this tune is genetic.  Passed down from generation to generation, I feel sorry for my kids!


Gabby – Boots

The second tune I used to march around the house to when I was younger.  My sister and I was stand-up tall and march all around the house pretending to hold rifles and/or balance books on our heads… until I would stamp on my sister’s toe and all hell would break lose. Broken tables, smashed glasses, doors slammed – still great memories.

Now as an adult, listening to this record again it is fantastic piece of political music much that more people really need to hear, especially with our current “wars” in Afghanistan and Libya




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