Songs of the Week: Vintage Trouble, Amber Ojeda, Mikill Pane, Natalia Kills and Beyonce

Vintage Trouble – Nobody Told Me

Do not pay any attention to The Guardian’s unfair review of Vintage Trouble’s album (you can’t judge an album on the back of one live performance).  It is a creative and edgy record, effortlessly fusing vintage soul with the sound and spirit of Jimi Hendrix.  It does not always work, however more often than not it does.  Great album, and this is one of the stand-out tracks.


Amber Ojeda – Running Back To You

This classy lady who fuses Jazz with R&B is definitely worth some attention.  Just press play below, loving this.


Mikill Pane – Make Us Say

Mikill Pane is one seriously talented rapper.  Anyone who has heard his final verse on Little Lady should know that by now.  For this record he turns his hand to Dubstep and provides and exciting banger, with class leading, introspective, lyrical content.


Natalia Kills – Mirrors

If Lady Gaga sung this song it would have been #1 in 86 countries.  The similarities between Natalia Kills and Ms. Gaga are there for everyone to hear.  However, I do like this song (a lot more than any Gaga music recently) because of it’s darker content and pretty intense video. For my sins, Natalia Kills has been growing on me a lot these last few weeks.  Looking forward to the album release in September to see if there is enough there for her to step in to her own limelight, because she certainly has the potential to be a superstar in her own right.


Beyonce – Lay Up Under Me

Finally had a chance to listen to the Beyonce album properly, and for me this is one of the best records and makes the “Deluxe” version worth the extra buck.  A fun and cheeky disco record than continues to show how hard it is to place this new, revitalised, Beyonce into any box at all.



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