Gig News: Keri Hilson in UK for first tour… to go or not to go?

Whether or not I should go to this gig has caused me a lot of confusion of the last few weeks.  Thought a blog post may help to clear my mind.

I like Keri Hilson, I really do.  The first album had a long list of great songs on it; Knock You Down, Where Did He Go, Intuition.  There was some seriously good R&B.  Then on No Boys Allowed she turned up the temperature about 10,000 degrees, shortened the skirts – well more accurately got rid of the skirts altogether and started prancing around in bodysuits and underwear, the push up bra was tightened to circulation stopping levels and there was that video… yes that video (*I sit smiling).

Still, the latest album too had some great, powerful Pop/R&B; Beautiful Mistake, Gimme What I Want, Lose Control, So Good, all really good records.  It should be a no brainer.

However, there are some stumbling blocks.  I have seen very few images or videos of her playing with a band.  R&B without a band is pointless, boring and lazy.  So if she travelled without one and just bought some visual stimuli in the form of dancers i’d be pretty upset (on the inside, while opening *smiling).   This being an unknown is a major barrier!

Then, there is also the reports from Twitter on her performance at the SB.TV party this summer – most of which spoke of an underwhelming performance.

Couple that with a £22.50 entrace fee (excl. fees etc.) and we have major dilemmas.  That’s the same price as Eric Roberson, £10 more than Ed Sheeran,  £5 more than Melanie Fiona, and all of those are sensational live performers.

The London show takes place on October 11th, at Indigo2.  Tickets are available from Ticketmaster (here).

I have a feeling this dilemma will continue until the last moment and a decision will be made at the 11th hour!  Anyone who wants to help me decide either way (or offer free tickets) please let me know.

Decisions, decisions… and no, the post didn’t help!


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