Songs of the week from my hiatus

Even though I have not been blogging I have still been hearing some stonking new music and new (well no longer new) releases.  Decided to post the best of the bunch before normal service (if there is such as thing) resumes next week.

Syleena Johnson – Angry Girl

Syleena Johnson’s new album is the aptly titled Underrated.  Making R&B/Soul albums for the last fifteen years Syleena Johnson probably deserves to title of “underrated” more than most.  Consistent albums have been somewhat overlooked and she remains somewhat of a hidden treasure.  For this song, one of my favourites on the album, she joins up with Tweet to sing about “Angry Girls”.  Seeing Tweet on the track is great too, she is definitely an artist I was sad to see disappear so for her to be on comeback trail is definitely a good thing.  2011 is turning in to good year.

Opted for the acoustic version of this one.


Bridget Kelly – Thinking About Forever

It looks like Bridget Kelly is finally getting some of her own limelight.  Best known for singing, in my opinion, Empire State of Mind better than Alicia Keys during many of Jay-Z’s live performances.  She has released a nice soothing acoustic version of Frank Oceans Thinking of You.  For what its worth I think this is far better than Franks.  Great song, and hopefully the start of seeing Bridget step out alone.


Just Brittany – Marvin’s Room

I don’t what it is about this version of Drake’s Marvin’s Room that I love.  Whilst not supplying the best vocal performance Just Brittany takes the song and makes you care about her heartache and wayward lover.  Future star in the making, let’s hope so because I see real potential in Just Brittany.


Melanie Fiona – Like I Love You

It’s no secret I love me a little bit of Melanie.  This time she mixes in the Caribbean flavour and out pops an Oxtail stew of a record.  It bounces, it bubbles, it’s juicy and   it is something Melanie Fiona should do a lot more often.  She really needs to release an album (or even EP) of just reggae/Caribbean influenced tracks because when she sings over these records is when she at her unstoppable best.  The new album is due out in December, lets hope a few of the Caribbean flavour tunes made the cut.


Goapele – Play

I love Goapele when she strips it down and delivers those bass thumping beats and lets her soft smooth voice float over the top.  Play, is one hot record.  Just press play and enjoy Goapele back on top.


Mamas Gun –  Reconnection

Wow, been a bit of a week for the ladies.  Well couldn’t go without dropping in the latest single from Mamas Gun, On A String.  Love the video because it just four minutes of completely inexplicable random fun featuring balloons that somehow manages to capture the essence of on of Britain’s best bands.

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