Gig news: Station sessions still going strong in 2011

During my busy period I almost totally missed this too… the Station Sessions are back lighting up the Thursday evening commute home.  Let’s not ponder on the past but look to the future… the highlights, in my humble opinion are;

  • October 13th – Emily May @ 6pm
  • October 20th – Kina Grannis @ 6:30pm
  • October 27th – Edei @ 6:30pm

The Kina Grannis show should be just a little bit special indeed as her new album is sounding very lovely indeed (make sure you check out Valentine).  From the website it seems like there is a new location this time, upstairs by the Champaign Bar so they don’t p*ss of the passing commuters.

The final three weeks should be very special indeed, St. Pancras Station from 6pm.  See you there.


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