Gig News: Leddra Chapman launches new EP!

Last year Leddra Chapman swept my heart away with a beautiful song called Wine Glass.  She then seemingly disappeared, only popping up for some duets with Mr. Ed Sheeran.

Turns out she didn’t disappear at all.  In fact she has been working hard and has a new EP, called A Trick or Two, to release.

Hopefully she will be in a celebratory mood as she launches it with an intimate show at The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town on Tuesday November 22nd.  This should be a great opportunity to hear Leddra’s delicately touching yet exciting Folk music.  The last time I saw her live she did a mind-boggling cover of Nneka’s Heartbeat with was absolutely immense.  Hearing Wine Glass live nearly bought a tear to my eye so who knows what emotional roller-coaster her new music will ignite; lighters and tissues at the ready.

Tickets are an absolute bargain £7 and available from her own site here.

Should be a good’un


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