Waxin’ Lyrical: Sonna Rele

There was something about Sonna Rele that means now, more than six months after I saw her support Mamas Gun at Dingwalls, her performance still crosses my mind.  It is still there because she had the one thing all new artists should have; bags of potential and a sense of purpose.  Sonna is seriously talented lady, talent that seemed to really shine when she was singing her own material.

The set I saw her sing was a contrast of original songs and covers given an acoustic guitar make-over.  The latter seemed a little generic yet the former showed a sense of spirit, she came alive.  Her song, The Sky Is Blue (?), sung with a piano accompaniment showcased her smooth crystal voice.  Of the covers she sung, Starry Eyed and Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic stood out.

Sonna is an artist with masses of potential; however there is one thing she needs to do (in my humble opinion).  Chill with the trills.

Sonna has this tendency to throw more trills on every long note than Mariah Carey on Speed.  These “special effects” conceal her lovely voice and make it sound very pedestrian.  Sonna has a beautiful voice and it is surprising she puts so many “special effects” in to her singing.  Lose the excessive trills and we could have the makings of someone very special.

Sonna Rele is definitely worth seeking out live.  Her acoustic set is varied and soothing with hints of spice.  Her original songs are where it’s at, and I hope we hear more of her in the future.


Sonna Rele at Dingwalls, London Sonna Rele at Dingwalls, London Sonna Rele at Dingwalls, London Sonna Rele at Dingwalls, London Sonna Rele at Dingwalls, London

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