Songs of the Week: Anthony Hamilton, Little Jackie, Mayer Hawthorne & MJ Cole

Another one of those catch-up song of the week posts… here is what has been soothing my ears the last couple of weeks

Anthony Hamilton – You

This should be more like an album of the week.  The Soul E.P. is an amazing collection from Anthony Hamilton.  It oozes the essence of Neo-Soul music, with Anthony Hamilton’s vocals, the texture of warm toffee adding grace and texture.  The highlight is probably Nowhere, a slow songs about just that, going nowhere… however I chose You for song of the week, a more uptempo number produced by one of my favorite producers, Jack Splash (someone who needs to produce far more music).


Little Jackie – The Pact

Little Jackie’s debut album was a fun slice of New York life with a self-indulgent tales of young life.  The sophomore album pretty much follows-on where they left on, only with our self-indulgent lead singer being a little older.  This is a perfect example of that, The Pact…” if we’re not married by 30″… think you know the rest!  Many a highlight on the album which is available through Bandcamp (below).


Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk

I had no idea Mayer Hawthorne was prepping new music to be honest before stumbling across this by accident.  I literally ran to HMV to pick up the new album, How Do You Do.  This is one of the stand-out songs (and lead single), full of Mayer’s signature soul, like it was a record Berry Gordy lost when moving house and then rediscovered when cleaning up boxes from 1974!  Mayer Hawthorne has been blessed with a real ear for 70s soul.  Great song, and one of the best videos of the year.


MJ Cole & Scrufizzer – Souther Electric

Some nice bouncy grime from MJ Cole and Scruffizzer.  Good to see MJ Cole back making music and lets hope this leads to a new album because it has been too many years too long without one!

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